Going into hibernation

As of October 2008, Fire Sea Studios is in a state of pseudo-hibernation. I am not creating new paintings, prints, or other products, updating the website or blog, nor am I accepting commissions.

However, if you want to buy an existing painting, or prints that I have in stock, contact me and we'll work something out.

This will allow me to deal with personal health issues that must be resolved before I can give Fire Sea Studios the attention it deserves. It is my hope that this situation will be temporary, but for the moment I can give no estimate as to when I will be fully open again.

New paintings!

Two of them!

"For he is ever a sun, and she a moon."
Acrylic on canvas, 22"x28". Private commission.

Fey Dryad (I need a better title! Any suggestions?)
Acrylic on canvas, 18"x24".



My apologies for being missing in action these several months - it's been a nonstop summer of Teh Krazyy(tm) for me.

Many things are in the pipeline, however, including the move of the site to a new server (hopefully an invisible change for you, but it will make a big difference for me in terms of ease of maintenance). Then will come a much-needed site update, including a new piece or two. Especially watch for new pen&inks, as I've recently discovered that for some reason it's much easier to work on those than paintings with a toddler underfoot.

As long as I;m here - are there any changes you'd like me to make in the site? Products you'd like to see, things that should be reorganized or reworked, new information, more of a particular type of ork? I can't promise anything, but I'll certainly take all comments into consideration.
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summer plans

I've been dithering over the last week where to put my business focus for the summer. I've had the opportunity to enter a couple more spring craft shows, but the summer is already so crowded with Life things that I think I'm not going to push it. I've got my application in for Fresh Paint in late August (haven't heard back yet, which is getting a little irritating - I'll poke them in a week or so). I'm definitely vending at NOTOCON in mid-August, and considering doing so at Fires of Lughnasadh in late July. Beyond that, though, I'm going to concentrate on, you know, actual painting, and building relationships with a few more occult stores in the area that have expressed interest in selling my work.

So that's the plan. Plans are good. We like plans.

business natterings

Upcoming sales opportunities (next six months):
OLOTEAS Beltaine Faire
Fresh Paint
OLOTEAS Concentric Circles

For several of these I need to acquire a tent and a table and nice display signs and suchlike - and I need to either relocate my portfolio or remake it, for it has vanished. I'd like to get some freestanding pegboards that I can hang paintings on as well - I see these in all the craft fairs, but I'm not quite sure where one acquires them. (I've also seen metal-framed folding screens used to similar effect, which could work.)

Considering getting one of each of my prints matted nicely, possibly framed depending on cost. (I have 18 print editions open right now; maybe I'll do a selection of my more popular ones. Or just close the unpopular ones. Hmm.) That would show them to much better advantage (and I can sell the matted one at the end of the show for more).

Considering making more card designs based on some of my tattoo flash. Also want to make one with celtic knotwork being unraveled by a playful cat. Maybe with wings. We'll see.

The insane, doesn't-recognize-time-limitations part of my brain wants to run out and learn how to etch glass in the designs from my tattoo flash. Or enameling. Or silkscreening or woodburning or or or or or! Too many ors.
lifted by the wind

That good news

I promised big news in my last post, and was promptly left on tenterhooks for a week as they were a week late sending out the notifications -

But my latest painting, Losing Myself, has been accepted to VSAAW's No Boundaries 2007-2009: "Revelations" juried show.

The opening and awards party will be Friday, February 23, at the Harrison Street Gallery in the Center House building of Seattle Center, from 6-9pm.